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About Tuttibox

Tuttibox is the most productive app for musicians, bands and studio. Be prepared to live a unique experience and fall in love, all straight from your smartphone. Manage, schedule band rehearsals and recordings with Tuttibox and be happy!

So… Lets jam?


  • Simple

    Entirely intuitive and easy to use, its interface has a unique design without any difficulties.

  • Quick

    Tuttibox is quick, offering high performance interactivity to the user.

  • Safe

    It is an app created using the latest security technologies. All to keep you safer!

  • Delineate

    Choose your favourite studio, get to know the others and lets jam!

  • Return

    A great deal of organization and agility when scheduling rehearsals, recordings and other items.

  • Business

    If you own a studio and want to see your productivity grow, then Tuttibox is the app you are looking for.


Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone on their pockets. For musicians, in particular, it is an indispensable item.

Tuttibox has come to be the newest member of your band, making the experience of scheduling rehearsals and recordings much more exciting. We also have other special items in the app that will increase your productivity!

No calls, everything directly from the app.

“On stage, I am completely natural, even more than in a conversation.”

Jimi Hendrix


Tuttibox is your new studio partner. By using it, your business will multiply the number of rehearsals.

We developed an app with diverse functions to increase your studio’s profitability and organization. We thought a lot about your business and how, together, we could work so that music is part of the life of everyone!

Register your studio and have access to exclusive benefits! Lets jam!

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